Welcome to FOJEMM Consulting and thank you for visiting our website www.fojemm.co.uk. A company of specialists, FOJEMM Consulting is unlike many consultancy firms. The strategic location, areas of specialisation and the vast wealth of experience of our staff/specialists and the belief that our philosophy and science must be people-centred and tailored to your requirements gives us that natural edge over others.

There are many advantages in working with FOJEMM Consulting which will result in the realisation of your corporate and personal goals and in the provision of solutions to your problems. You will certainly benefit from the many resources uniquely available to FOJEMM Consulting through our corporate ties across many industries worldwide. Even though our specialists are located in Europe (United Kingdom), West Africa (Senegal and The Gambia), Central Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo) and North America (USA), we have connections and ties with independent international consultants in many other areas. You can therefore confidently count on us to provide a strong commitment to your needs from beginning to end and put in place specialized, effective and reliable teams for your projects.

We all at FOJEMM Consulting approache our work deeply committed to the specific needs of each assignment/project. Our specialists (including management) and support staff remain involved throughout a project's life, delivering consistent quality in every step of the way. Our chosen areas of specialisation and intervention (as indicated in the “About Us” and other pages of this site) and our connections worldwide allow us to focus on what we do best and what we care most about. As your partners, collaborators and consultants, please be assured that we will always tailor our teams and modus operandi to your specific goals and needs.

While guaranteeing professional and ethical approach to work, FOJEMM Consulting has an open door policy within the company. Our employees have access to any specialist/manager or supervisor at any time and on any issue. This open door policy and “our all inclusive approach” ensures that even in the absence of your designated contact person quality and continuous services will be delivered to you and on time.

Thank you once again for visiting our website and we hope to hear from you for your consultancy and specialist needs. In the mean time for details on our