Expert Opinion/Witness Services


FOJEMM Consulting is proud of the diverse and dispersed nature of its experts and partners. The highly seasoned and credential experts and partners will conduct the required analyses to provide independent objective opinions and advice that help resolve complex disputes to relevant decision makers. Our experts enjoy extensive professional and academic backgrounds. Experienced as independent practitioners, as employees of international organisations, NGOs and the private and public sectors at both grass-root and management levels, our experts are seasoned industry leaders and professional consultants.


Our experts at FOJEMM Consulting have broad expertise in many industries including but not limited to:

·         Accounting and Financial Services

·         Health Services and Healthcare

·         Agriculture, Veterinary, Livestock and Animal-husbandry

·         Community Development

·         Business/Enterprise and Organisational Development

·         Capacity Building

·         Projects Planning, Management and Evaluations

·         Monitoring and Evaluation

·         Research and Surveys

·         Human Resource Management/Development

·         Procurement

·         and areas of Information Technology to name a few.


We also have experts on specific countries including but not limited to countries in West Africa in areas of local politics, socio-economic and cultural matters amongst many others. Experts at FOJEMM Consulting have provided independent expert testimonies and analyses, original authoritative studies, and strategic consulting services to many clients including United Nations Agencies such as UNDP and local, state, and federal governments and agencies around the world. We carefully select the cases we support, only engaging where we can provide a genuinely independent expert opinion. We may therefore decline some cases but thereby ensuring that our clients are always provided the quality of support they deserve. Since we maintain connections with other experts, we will happily refer you elsewhere should we not be able to take up your assignment and for that matter cannot provide you with the expert witness services you require.


Our expert opinion services fees are very reasonable and the charges vary depending on the nature of the work and its urgency and we would be opened to a degree of negotiation.