Programmes/Projects Evaluation


The evaluation is a critical first step in programmes and projects management. Such evaluations provide answers to such questions as i. what progresses if any has been achieved?, ii. have the expected results been achieved?, iii. do the results justify the input?, iv. can the system be refined or modified to improve results?


Programme/Project Evaluation is the process of collecting, recording and organising information about performance including short-term outputs (immediate results of activities), and the immediate and longer-term outcomes following changes in behaviour, practice or policy). There are many reasons for project evaluations. Central to programme/project evaluation is the need for effective, efficient and equitable utilisation of resources and the identification of bottlenecks and essential factors to successful realise the objectives with maximum impact. Evaluations also serve as validations of the programme/project for its partners and stakeholders that the stated outputs, outcomes, impact and objectives are being achieved.


Integrated monitoring and evaluation begin at the designing and planning stages. It is in these early stages that the desired outcomes will be identified and how they should and will be measured to ensure that the data required to measure performance are always available as and when required for the purpose of evaluation and to introduce any required adjustments. 

There are many factors for carrying out comprehensive and credible programme/project evaluations. These could be divided broadly into two categories these being, i. for presentation when funding is requested and ii. for organisational sustainability. Regarding access to funding  the reports are an advocacy and PR tool demonstrating good progress and therefore justification for continued funding or, alternatively, where an underperformance is highlighted, the need for additional resources to bring about the necessary improvement. Regarding organisational sustainability, proper and thorough evaluations will serve as an excellent tool to identify those areas which require modification therefore strengthening the organisation and ensuring its sustainability.


Our staff have designed and led the implementation of critical and large programmes and projects in many parts of the world. They have conducted comprehensive and credible evaluations of programmes/projects for public and private sectors as well as for international and NGO institutions. To ensure proper implementation of evaluation findings, FOJEMM provides continued support to its clients in implementing the evaluation findings, which, in itself, can quadruple the organisation’s ability of accessing further funding.